Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Ramblings

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I've had it up to here with this snow. We have had more snow in the past month than the other 4 winters I've lived here combined. Ok I don't really know that for sure, but it feels like it. The only way I will consider stopping my whining is if someone can GUARANTEE we will have an awesome summer. Any psychics out there?

In 3 days I will have my basement back. Back isn't exactly the right word since I have never really had it. When we bought our house 4 years ago the only way we could afford it was to rent out the in-law apartment in the basement to my, well, in-law. Brother in-law to be exact. It has worked out well over the last four years but he and his girlfriend have decided to move to NY and I'd be lying if I said I'm not ecstatic to have 900 more square feet of space! It's like moving, without all the hassle. Storage, oh the storage, a pantry and I am setting up and official craft room in the next couple of weeks. I promise pics will be coming soon!!


I am cancelling our cable Fios TV on Monday. I am very excited to save money and not have the boob tube around any more. We will still have Netflix and Hulu for the must sees, but TV watching out of boredom will cease! I don't watch a lot of TV anyway and I am glad to be saving $200 bucks every month! We'll see how I feel about it in a few months!


  1. I'm sorry about all your snow. I'd take it if I could. Just keep telling yourself that your happy to see the snow now, and not at the end of March beginning of April. That is my mantra anyway.

    And, I can't wait to see photos of your craft space. I am sure I will be jealous.

    And, you TOTALLY canceled your Fios? WOW!!! I'm impressed. Can you watch TV on your TV w/ netflix and Hulu? I dropped us down two package tiers in back around Halloween. We don't even notice the missing channels.It cut our bill by almost $50, which has come in very handy.

  2. Wow! Exciting stuff around your parts! Feel free to send the white stuff our way - we have not gotten nearly enough snow this winter.

    And congrats on the basement - I love purging!

  3. I was about to send out a search party, but now that I know your stuck under all that snow! I keep trying to talk David into getting rid of our tv. We never watch it any more. I guess he's afraid of that couple of months from now your talking about. Glad your doing well!

  4. I think you'll love not having the cable. I was in mourning for about a day, and now I don't even miss it. Every show I watch is online, so I can just catch up when I want. I'm definitely a Netflix fan now!

    Can't wait for some basement makeovers!! Don't forget to take some before pictures.

  5. I'm jealous. Of the snow, the basement, oh - and the fact that you have two adorable kiddos :)

  6. how exciting to be getting the space back... craft room!! so exciting!! :) can't WAIT to see pics of it!

  7. I am SEW excited about your craft space (you know one night you will find me hiding from my family in your basement right?)

    And don't worry you won't miss cable - give it about a week and you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner! I am jealous that you get to get rid of yours. I would cancel it in a heart beat if I could - Dan and I both miss NOT having cable!!

    As for the snow...its more than I've seen in one winter in about 15 years!! I'd be curious to see how this year compares to the past few years!!

  8. I HATE SNOW and its not stopping here! More next week. I'm trying so hard not to lose it!

    Yay for more space! Can't wait to see pics.


  9. I hope the snow stops. We got that much one day in February last year, and it was cool because we never get that much. This year, it has snowed almost everyday since December 1st. We haven't had more than a few inches, but I am so sick of it!
    Yay for all the space!


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