Monday, July 23, 2012

Lego Madness - Women who claim that childbirth is the most painful thing have obviously never stepped on a piece of lego.

My son turned 5 last month. I guess 5 is the magic age where kids get real and true Lego sets. Truth be told, I think 5 is still too young. My son is practically a genius yet he still can't put these elaborate sets together on his own. Gone are the days of getting a bin of multicolored blocks of various sizes and using nothing but your imagination to build things. Now they come in 200 piece sets with giant booklets of step by step instructions. Let me share something with you. My son has the attention span of a gnat. Even if he didn't, these sets take a LONG time to put together, but I figure it will be some nice mother son bonding time, right? Yeahhhhh.

Enter 2 Transformer Kreo (knock-off Lego) sets that he got for his birthday. We open the first box  and I take one look at all of the pieces, some as small as my son's attention span, and I balk. Unfortunately his eager face tells me I am not getting out of this, so we begin to sort. This is where my OCD comes in. I make him sort all of the pieces by color. I think it is way easier to do it this way and he agrees. Thank God. I have no idea how long we took to build the first one, but it ended up that he had a hard time snapping the pieces together so he would hunt for the pieces and I would help him snap them together. Of course after we finish Optimus Prime, he needs his friend, so we open the next box.

I almost fell over at the discovery of how many pieces this one had. I decided that, for the sake of time and my sanity, Nate could play with Optimus while I put this one together. I'm an adult who can easily follow step by step directions, how long could it possibly take?


50 minutes. That's right folks, it took me 10 minutes shy of an hour to assemble Mr. Prowl and the two little guys that went with him. This kid better never doubt my love for him. I used to think I would throw his long labor that ended with an all natural birth in his face later in life, but honestly I think I will use this instead. Oh, and the first person who tells me the stickers aren't on straight might lose an eye.

Stay tuned for my post in which I find some way to contain the millions of microscopic and other  Lego pieces. I will conquer them...before they cause me to scream any more expletives while walking through my son's room in the dark!


  1. I'm not sure if I should tell you right now that it gets MUCH worse or not. If only I had the time back I helped to put together a 2-booklet Lego Atlantis set... oh my...

    Thanks for linking up!! :D

  2. Oh dear, I'm not excited about that phase!! Why so complicated?!? That some ecard is hilarious, though.

  3. I love legos but 50 minutes is excessive how do they expect a 5 year old to put that together.

  4. You have to come over and see the wonderful sets I put together for HOURS and my loving son pulled apart in seconds. Lego's are a mothers curse because dad just refuses. Arghhhhhh

  5. Go to Amazon now and look up this product not only does it allow you to contain almost all Legos but you can all anal-retentively organize them in a 1,000,000,000 different ways (color, size, shape, use, oh the possibilities) I'm telling you after a long day sitting and sorting Legos isn't so bad!!!

  6. Love the ecard! Thankfully we're not into legos yet...though Olivia has already started asking for the girl ones they now sell...but my nine year old cousin has been into them for years now and it amazes me how hard they are these days. Don't even get me on the cost of some of the sets!!!

  7. I feel your pain (literally).

    And I have actually realized too late that Kreo really isn't the same as Lego. At least it sure doesn't feel like it when your 90 minute creation alternately feels glued together or falls apart. Initiate little kid meltdown...


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