Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If it wasn't attached....

I really think I might forget my own head if it wasn't securely fastened on. The last 2 weeks have been awful. Here, in no order of importance, are the things I have forgotten in the last 14 days:
  • My purse at home
  • My work laptop at home
  • To feed my kids breakfast before we left for daycare
  • My daughter's lunch on the seat of my car 
  • That I had a doctor's appointment
  • Where I put my keys...twice
  • To add events into my phone calendar resulting in a couple of crazy over-scheduled weeks coming up
  • To buckle Arielle into her seat after putting her in the car. (Luckily I only got 2 blocks before she reminded me)
  • A load of towels in the washer for 2 days (ewwww)
  • To put a check in the bank almost resulting in a very unbalanced account!
I'm sure there are other things I have forgotten but I can't remember them right now. I don't know when I have been this bad! I think I need more sleep, to reduce the amount of activities we are all doing and to get myself more organized so I don't leave the house without the stuff we all need for the day! I'm going to start by making a framed dry erase list that I will check off before I leave the house each day. What are your tips to stay organized and keep track of everything going on in your busy lives??


  1. I've started taking vitamins, making lists, putting reminders on my phone AND going to bed a little earlier.

    I was going crazy with all we had/need to do and I missed some stuff along the way too. With school starting I HAD to get my act together! ;)

  2. I relate to this, Kameron!!!

    I think more sleep is a big factor for me... I don't know about you. I'm really trying to do what Elaine said above and take care of myself so my forgetfulness improves.

    Good luck :)

  3. I find it amusing that we posted practically the same thing on the same day. I definitely need to figure out some way to get things together!

  4. I can relate too! My sister always tells me I can't use the "baby brain" excuse because I no longer have little babies. But I am more "skatter-brained" now than ever before in my life. For me, I definitely think it's sleep related.

  5. So relate with this Kameron! Its just life telling us to slooow down a little. Glad its not just me! xo

  6. YOu are turning in to me. Exciting time, isn't it? Every day is an adventure!


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