Sunday, September 16, 2012

Menu Planning Sunday

It's Sunday again and that means figuring out what the heck we are eating for the week! Last week's meal plan only had one dud of a recipe. The ginger salmon and scallion brown rice pilaf wasn't that great. I already don't like fish that much and we have one go-to recipe for salmon that is good so I should just stick with it. Oh well, not everything can be delicious! The creamy chicken and biscuit sliders rocked. They were a fam favorite! The second favorite was the BBQ pork quesadillas and the vegetarian shepherd's pie is always  a win in our house. We didn't get to the make your own pizza on Friday. I was too beat to cook and the hubbs took the boy to swim so no one was home until 5:30, so we just ordered pizza. I will save it for another day because it sounds awesome! Onto this week's menu!

Sunday: Paella from a local favorite restaurant Los Andes. I ran 13.1 miles today (more on that tomorrow), meal planned, went grocery shopping and made a freaking apple pie, so I figured that excused me from cooking dinner.
Monday: Tomato tortellini soup (for the fam, I have a girl's night Mexican fiesta to attend!)
Tuesday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Pesto pasta with chicken sausage and roasted Brussels sprouts
Thursday: Turkey burgers, oven baked fries and salad
Friday: Chicken enchiladas with black beans and rice


  1. mmmmmm your menu looks good!!! Invite me over?? I've made that tortellini soup before and really enjoyed it. Enjoy your much deserved girls' night!

  2. YUM. I think all of these recipes are something my fam will eat. Thanks for the suggestions! Have fun tonight :)


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