Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go ahead and laugh at my expense, I did!

So, I was thinking this was something that I could add to my Not Me! Monday next week, but it is so ridiculous I couldn't wait. Today I was getting ready for work and decided that I would go to the gym in the morning instead of the afternoon. We have a gym at my work, so when I decide this, I usually wear my gym clothes to work and then change afterwards in our locker room. I left my gym bag at work on accident, but didn't feel like wearing the pants that I had in it, so I wore other yoga pants today. I grabbed a shirt and a bra, but somehow forgot that I should probably have some work appropriate pants to wear for afterwards!!! I realized this as when I was getting out of my car and reached for the clothes I had brought. I almost decided to go home and call out sick today, but I have way too much to do. So here I sit, in my blue yoga pants and t-shirt (that luckily sorta matches), at my desk. I feel like such a moron right now and have to go through my entire work day at the office wearing yoga pants. Granted, I did this a few times when I was pregnant with Nathan, but you get a free pass on your wardrobe choices when you are 9 months along and uncomfortably huge. This is funny, and I won't be offended if you laugh at me. I guess I will be spending the day in the lab, covered up by my lab coat! Pictures will definitely not be accompanying this post...

****UPDATED (to include MORE embarrassment)****
I should have stayed in bed today. Not only am I wearing attire that is pretty much my normal pajamas at work today, but my plan to stay incognito backfired. We had a fire drill today. What's that you say, grown-ups have fire drills??? Why yes they do, and during our fire drills everyone files outside and has to badge in at the gathering areas. We then stand around and wait to be told to go back inside. Oh, and while we are waiting, we ave nothing to do but look around at everyone. People definitely noticed by night time/exercise attire. Kill me please....


  1. Isn't it the cutest thing - you should see him running around with it on!! If we don't put the little shoe on with it he slips all over the wood floors and thinks its hysterical!!

  2. Poor you! (trying not to chuckle at your eXpense)

    ThanX for stopping by for WW.


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