Friday, February 13, 2009

What's New?

Natey, you are 20 months old today. On one hand I wish you'd slow down since I feel I am loosing my baby but on the other hand I am looking forward to June so I can stop telling people your age in months! In case you were wondering, buddy, mommy is 364 months old, tee hee! You have changed so much this month. You are still my little cartoon, making some of the most animated faces but I can see the wheels turning and moving, past simple words into thoughts. Here are some of the latest and greatest:
  • When we tell you we love you, you say "I loves you too".

  • Speaking of your loviness, you now give unsolicited kisses and hug ums.

  • You like to poke us and say, "tickle, tickle" and when we do it back, you giggle hysterically and say, "tickle me!"

  • You like to lay on the floor and say, "floating" while you wave your arms and legs around.

  • You can identify sounds and I swear you have super sonic hearing. When you hear a a siren you whisper, "listen..sound...ambulance". Half the time it is a whole 5 seconds before we can even hear it!

  • You have started climbing A LOT. I really wish you hadn't figured this one out, and am thankful that you can't climb out of your crib....yet. Mommy is not ready for you to be in a big boy bed, so stay put buddy.

  • You are getting really good with your colors. You still mix a few of them up but randomly you can identify aqua, seriously? I guess it is all of the colored pencils we use for drawing.

  • Speaking of coloring, you can now manage to sit (mostly) still and color for 10 minute intervals. This only happens, of course, if I have the colored pencils out. I think you love making me give them to you one at a time.

  • You are obsessed with monsters and dinosaurs. You run around yelling T-rex and growling all of the time. You like it even better if we pretend to be afraid and tell you you're scary.

  • When I sing the ABC song you like to chime in on the letters that you know, like A, E, G, MNNO (LMNO) P, X, and Z. And you always chime in with the very end "wiv me".

  • You know some songs now and request them all of the time. Your favorites are, "The Bus song" (Wheels on the bus), "Fu Fu song" (Little bunny Fu Fu), "Spider song" (Itsy bitsy spider) and the "Uncle B song" (Baby bumble bee). You know all of the motions to the songs and your favorite is when FuFu gets turned into a goon.

  • You have started saying "Why?". Kid, you are way too young to be asking that already. I know you live life in fast forward, but really, you're not even two yet. can you save that for later??

  • You really enjoy picking things up off of the floor and saying "garbage" while you go put it in the trash can. I have to watch you though because you have tried to put your sippy cup and bib in there as well.

  • You are staring to understand that when you hit, it hurts and makes people sad. When I tell you no hitting, you frown and say, "Sowwy mama" and give me a hug and a kiss.

  • Your hair is getting so long and curly. Every day I want to cut it and after I have that thought I look at your sweet curls and can't fathom chopping them off.

  • Our favorite thing you are doing now is exaggerated thinking. When we ask you where something is you put your finger to your lips, furrow your brow and say, "hmmm" pause for a second and then say, "I know". It is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.


  1. Don't EVER cut those curls! They are gorgeous...and I miss Jack's terribly! Now that he has big kid's heavy and the curls are falling out. Unless we're at like 100% humidity...then he has an afro...but, don't we all!

    Kam...he's the cutest thing in the world...I love you're monthly posts about him!

  2. AHHH! His thinking face is amazing!

  3. You are always so good about documenting the little things!

    I love th new digs... too cute! Have a great Valentine's day!

  4. He has the cutest expressions! What a sweet post!

  5. You have such a little cutie!! I love reading about what he is up to! Oh and love the new blog layout -- especially the header!

  6. What a sweet list! Those curls are precious, I wouldn't want to cut them either.

  7. Oh my gosh, I don't think that little man could be any cuter.

    How precious your letter to him.



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  9. Love the thinking pose!! Hilarious. It's awesome you're capturing these moments on camera and in your blog. He's growing up way too fast!!!

    Everytime I read something Natey's doing, I try to picture Aidan doing it. Ugh! I'm not ready. But hug ums and kisses and "Sowwy Mama" will be pretty darn cute.

  10. He is so cute. I loved the pictures of him...the thinking one is my fave. The climbing thing does not get any better with age. They become more daredevils.

  11. Glad you're liking your new digs!! I've been coming over here to look at it too... finally took all the code off of my test site to get ready for Mimi's. I still love how it looks with all the content. And the text colors look great!

  12. That was so sweet. It gave me the idea to do something like that for Wills blog. Thanks.

    Love and Prayers,


    Oh and love your new look!

  13. Sweet little Natey is so photogenic! Love the bathtub one.. soo cute! Better start planning that birthday party because it will be here before ya know it. :o) Have a great weekend.

  14. He looks like such a boy (not even a toddler) in those pictures!!! The monthly updates are so much fun, and it always gives me a checkpoint if I want to look back and see what she was doing at what age. Oh, and T loves to through garbage as well as non-garbage items in the trash!


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