Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Countdown to the 2s begins

Hi Natey. Today you're officially closer to being 2 than you are to 1. 19 months of bringing laughs and love to your mommy and daddy. Although, you are definitely acting like you are raring up for the, dare I say it, terrible twos. You are a very willful child, but I suppose I am getting the karma of my baby days with that one. Let's hope we can all sit back and have a giggle at your antics one day.
  • Your new favorite words are NO! and Mines! I do not like these words. I do not like them Sam-I-am!

  • You have figured out how to walk on your tippy toes and you crack me up every time you do it.

  • You have learned the phrase "wake up!". When daddy or I have our eyes closed you like to bam us on the head and yell, "lake up!" When we open our eyes you feel like you have to have a reason for us to be awake so you say, "daddy, look". When he asks "what?", you don't have an immediate answer since you are flying by the seat of your 24 month pants and look around until you see me and then yell, "MOMMY!!!" and are very proud of yourself.

  • You are getting very curious and want to know what everything is. If you don't know the name of something you point and say "that", which is our cue to tell you the name.

  • You think every piece of lint or speck of dirt on the floor is a bug. You blow on it and say "go bug" and watch it move.

  • You are your daddy's kid and fish is your favorite. You've got some of me in you too because you love mushrooms and can handle spicy food. That must be because of the mass amounts of Indian food I consumed when I was pregnant with you!

  • When we tell you someone is sleeping you pretend to snore and say "seepin".

  • When you are looking for something you call out, "Bankalee, are you" (Blanky, where are you). You do this while holding your hands up to your mouth...just to make sure the bankalee can hear you!

  • You almost have 16 teeth!!!!! Too bad you still don't feel the need to chew anything. We have to tell you chew, chew on almost every bite you take. It's not like we don't feed you buddy. You'll get more, just slow down and enjoy it!

  • You have mastered the spoon and like to say, "scoop it, bite" with every bite. It is funny to watch you stare at the spoon all the way to your mouth, still a bit unsure if the bite will make it there safely.

  • When you want out of something you say, "Mout". We are pretty sure this means come out. You sometimes do this when we are carrying you around or when you are done being in your car seat, stroller or highchair.

  • Your favorite books are Mickey in the Night Kitchen and Where the Wild Things Are (go figure).

You have the most wonderful and infectious laugh.

I look forward to each passing day with you, my boy.


  1. Savor these days - I miss them so! What a precious gift you have there!

  2. "Your new favorite words are NO! and Mines!"

    Uh, yeah, welcome to the terrible two's!! :)

    I love this one "When we tell you someone is sleeping you pretend to snore and say "seepin"." So cute!!!

  3. Favorite words..."Mines" and "Mout"...which clearly translates to, "I'm out!"

    Your raising a little gangster!

  4. I love these monthly update posts! I can't get over how much he says -- so cute!

  5. Hey Kameron!

    Had seen your comments on several friends blogs and diecided to come and check you out. Glad I did. Your son is too cute. I hope you dont mind me following along.

    Please feel free to stop by and visit us as well. We would love for you to follow along as well is you like.

    God Bless

  6. Love the pictures! He's such a big kid, and I can't believe how many teeth he has!!

  7. I love your letters to Nate! They are so sweet - I only wish I could rewind and do the same for my kids...

    How these memories will be cherished!

  8. Sure wish that I had done that for my kids...just baby books over here. What a neat way to keep track of everything he is doing. I loved reading this post. So cute how each child is so different, yet goes through many of the same phases and stages. He is adorable too!

  9. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed yours.

    My apologies. I realized that I left after making my comments without clicking on your followers link. It should be there now :)

    Love and Prayers

  10. Natey get's cuter by the dern minute!!

  11. I'm so glad you do this each month --- even if you missed some in the beginning (before your blog), it's awesome to have a record of it all.

    Love how "Daddy look" part and how he's making something up. I can totally see him scanning the room for something, anything!


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