Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spa Day...Saturday..Giveaway

I have officially hit my 100th post!
What better way to reward myself than a spa day with my awesome friend Joelle?? Ok, so it had nothing to do with my blogging accomplishments, but I am going somewhere with this, so stay tuned.

I got Joelle a Spa Finder gift certificate for her birthday and since no girl should ever have to go to the spa alone (ha! such torture, I know!) we planned a much needed girls night! Besides it was number 16 on my 101 anyway, so I just HAD to check it off! Joelle found a spa close by that has a girls night special on Thursday evenings. We got a facial, brow shaping and spa pedicure. Boy, did my winterized skin need that!

Don't we look refreshed after our facial?? I have to say though that we both got a talking to about our skin care routine. Joelle, for washing her face with Dove bar soap, and me for ,um..ahem, not exactly having any kind of routine to speak of. The esthetician seemed rather shocked when I asked..."What exactly is toner?".

If I haven't been taking care of my face very well, my feet were even worse! I mean, come on, it IS winter after all. I haven't really seen my feet since the snow started falling. They are usually covered by my cozy Uggs when I am forced to brave the cold or in slippers or socks when I'm home.

If felt great to get a little pampering in the middle of the harsh New England winter. My polish is no longer growing off of my toenails and my feet feel silky smooth.
Sorry if you were blinded by the glare of of my translucent legs. To make it up to you, and in honor of my 100th post, I am going to give away a little piece of heaven to one lucky gal (or guy if you're in to that kinda thing). I am giving away a $25 Spa Finder gift certificate. These are good at spas across the country. You just have to go to their website to find one in your area!!

So, how do you win this awesomeness you ask?? Leave me a comment with your best skin care secret. It could be a way to ward off dry skin, wrinkles, your favorite brand of cleanser or moisturizer, anything you wish! I will pick the winner on Monday evening! If you comment you get 1 entry and if you post about it and link to me you get an extra entry. Just make sure to tell me that you linked!! You too could be as refreshed as me!! Good luck.


  1. Great giveaway...I have no secrets..hmmm. I use vitamin E oil on my skin as well as my scar. It keeps me glowing. LOL
    But I love a good pedicure. Love the color you picked for your piggies too!

  2. What an awesome friend you are! Great pictures, too. I didn't realize B and Natey had the same Bday! SWEET!

    Sign this girl UP. I could totally use some spa time.

  3. Didn't follow instructions. HA! I use a cleanser in the shower and moisturizer before makeup. My skin care routine sucks.

  4. I must admit, I too am like you. I have no routine. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore and so there are many days I go without washing my face. My feet are pretty bad too. But my fave product is Mary Kay's extra emoliient night cream. I smear it on my feet and wear socks to bed for about a week and they are as good as new. I may need to get some pretty soon, spring is coming and that means sandals!

  5. Ooo la la....I am excited. Well, a couple of months ago I decided that it was about time to start taking care of my skin. I love ESTEE LAUDER...everything is awesome but I am getting wrikles around my eyes so I use the resilience lift eye cream and the Time Zone face cream. They are awesome both products are about $50 each but last a long time...Also, I use a serum before I apply my makeup. The one I am using right now is Skin Simple by Elizabeth Arden. That is really smooth and allows you to use less foundation. Also, keeps your pores from getting clogged which causes less blemishes. Last but not least, I love this ORIGINS makes called is a grey clay mask and it works miracles on your nose for blackheads or your forehead...OK, I will link up to your post also....that should give me 2 entries....YEAH, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!

  6. Oh..I am all over this give away!! And BTW I blogged over from Eyeglasses & Endzones! What a fun contest and congrats on your 100th post; I just had mine a few weeks ago! So anyways, I always, always use Skin So Soft right after I shower, but before drying off. Smooth skin! And I use Time Wise moisterizer from Mary Kay which has sunscreen in it! Good for me cuz I live in AZ!
    So pick me! pick me!

  7. I have 2 tips. If you have oily skin, use a little rubbing alcohol to neutralize the oil. If you have really dry skin use a little dab of oilve oil. It's great.

  8. My quick tip - I use both moisterizer and liquid foundation. I put a little of each in my hands and apply them together. This way I get the benefit of the moisterizer without having to wait for it to absorb PLUS the foundation goes on a lot smoother!!

  9. What a great giveaway. I don't have any real secrets but I do believe in sunscreen every day of my life.

  10. How fun Kameron! I dont use anything really--my make up just comes off in the shower the next morning LOL. I do use Vaseline to wipe off the eye make up when I need to. It makes the area really soft and it makes all of it come right off. I also use it on my lips whenever I am not wearing lip gloss because my lips are always peeling and chapped unless vaseline or lip gloss is on it all the time.

    Oh and one more thing--I buy MAC studio fix (powder/foundation mix)and that has sunblock in it already. I love it!

  11. What a fun evening, and I love that the spa you chose had a girls night out special!

    I don't have any great secrets to share, but I use a moisturizer with sunscreen year round, and bare minerals makeup.

    Happy 100th post!

  12. My skin is very dry, so I try to find a really good moisturizer. (not as easy as it sounds)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I use a Scotch Brite pad - does that count? How about the romantic Mickey Mouse gloves I wear to bed?

    Regardless, YOU are a winner this time - stop over at my blog and see what you've won!

  14. I LOVE spas, especially facials. I am like you and don't have regular practices. I am all about very simple and don't wish to pay big money on products that could be done more naturally. i.e. I use olive oil on my dry cuticles on both feet and hands. The white dryness disappears in a flash. And for a fast facial cleanse I use witch hazel. In the shower I just use Neutrogena.

  15. My best skin care secret? I am hardly one to ask about that. I will share that I swear by Aveda products. I cannot run out of Aveda Tourmaline Charged Protection Lotion. It is SPF 15 and Oil Free. It is the best lotion I have ever used on my face and just the tiniest bit goes a long way.

    I'd love to win! Thanks for the chance. By the way, I found you from Tarah's Site (Eyeglasses and Endzones).

  16. How much fun to have a spa evening with a girlfriend!! I want to do this too :)

    I don't have much of a routine, and I've added it to my 101 list to get serious about face care. I do have a favorite toner though for super hot days - Seaweed Toner from Sabon in NYC. It's so refreshing!

  17. Well because I just went for a spa day about a month ago thanks to my Dad, I'd like to donate my entry to Tarah from Eyelashes and Enzones. She's such a deserving Mommy Blogger!
    My skin care routine consists of washing my whole body, from cheeks to cheeks with Caress bar soap. It does the trick. But the most important advice.... Stay out of the sun!!!!!!!

  18. I think your giveaway is probably over, but I just have to comment on your pictures... they're awesome!!! Especially the one of the nail polishes!!! Seriously, it's so cool! You should print it out and give it to them to frame! Or any spa!!

    Anyway, I'm impressed, friend. : )

    Glad you had a fun, girly day! And, um, if you think YOUR legs are pasty, don't look at mine!

  19. Hey Kameron!

    Lets see..... Im a dude. So am I suppose to have skind secrets? If so I dont. I swear I cant win nothing, its such a lady dominated world out here. No love for the fellas, and all I would do is give it to my lovely wife. Since she IS so lovely I will try........................................ummmmmm............................uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................Lotion? Seems to work for everyone else? Oh thats not a secret you say...probably not. How about honey and sand. Honey is a natural product that is great for the skin, and sand in small quantities of course is a natural exfoliant. I hope that didnt sound to gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.... Ok Ill just stop at that. Can you tell I love my wife?

    Love and Prayers,


  20. I have the ultimate working mom's skin care tip! I keep a huge bottle of cetaphil skin cleaners/moisturizer next to my bed with a towel too. When I get home from working 24+ hour shifts, I crawl into bed, slather the cetaphil all over my phase, wipe it off with the towel. It removes all my makeup and moisturizes in one step. Easy!

  21. A suggestion to add to one of your tips - # 69. Buy and use rechargeable batteries. You'll feel even greener when you recycle them through the nonprofit Find neighborhood drop off locations (at retail and community recycling centers). For free.

  22. Congrats on your 100th post!! The spa looks awesome, I want to go!! Enter me in the giveaway - here is my best advice for you - Mario Badescu skin care products! I have terrible skin and have tried EVERYTHING including Retin-A and ProActive. Nothing worked to take care of my acne. Nothing until I tried this stuff. It is AWESOME and I swear by it now!!! And they are great for basic skin care too - not just for people who are prone to acne like me!!

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