Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one Monday everyone will freely share their follies without fear of judgement.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that we can all laugh at ourselves because no one should take themselves too seriously.

So let freedom ring! The freedom to be who we are without apology! The freedom to laugh and be laughed with as we share our weekly blunders!

This dream is not mine alone. Visit MckMama's blog to share in the Not ME! dream.


I did not attempt to give blood TWICE this week to no avail. The first day I didn't get turned away since I was wearing my down coat in a sweltering room and my temperature was slightly above 99. When sticking to my guns and coming back the next day, I didn't make it past the questions, temperature and iron test only to get poked with a giant needle for nothing. My veins are not the tiniest of all time. They also didn't inform me that I am not a good candidate for the future. I am so NOT taking this get out of blood giving free card since I am deathly afraid of it in the first place.

If such a prize existed, I would not have nominated myself for worst mom ever after I forgot to buckle Natey in to his seat on the way to daycare. I did not drive the 10 minutes there only to pull up and hear, "Whoa, weeeeee" coming from the back seat. When I turned around I absolutely did not see my little man sitting on the edge of his car seat smiling wide and buckle free. I would never do that, nope, not me!

It was not so freezing here this week that, when I tried to fill up my gas tank, the door was frozen shut. I didn't stand there stunned for a moment before using my credit card to scrape the ice away. Since the windchill was -15 I didn't break the rules by not standing there and pumping my gas. I didn't quickly search through my car until I decided my gym socks (clean, don't worry) would work to jam into the pump handle!!

I always allow ample time for every task I have to do. I never have to rush through a shower so we can run out the door. Since this never happens to me, I would not forget to rinse the conditioner out of my hair before exiting the shower. I would not miss this fact until after I am fully dressed and combing my hair. I would not have to run my head under the bath faucet while my 19 month old son smacks me on the bum almost knocking me into the tub. I am so glad that would never happen to me!!

What did you "not" do this week??


  1. I did not forget to buckle Josie in her seat a few weeks ago either. She did not so gently whisper "Uh Oh" for a good 10 minutes before I looked back to see what she was so concerned about!
    And I totally did not purposefully ommit that little fact from that weeks Not Me's! Opps!

  2. Your not alone with the buckling put, though i haven't done it with aiden yet. I have done it with the boy I was a nanny for, I think that is worse the you own child. You not me mondays makes me laugh!! Lov the conditioner still in the hair and natey smacking you on the bum pricless

  3. OMGosh, your not mes were the funniest I have read today. Thanks so much for sharing. I am still laughing about the car seat. He must have felt so free.

  4. I've been known to take all of my kids into the shower with me in a desperate bid to get us all clean.

    Great not me's!

  5. I am laughing so hard about the gas pump and the gym socks! That is great! I actually posted one today since my hubby is away!

  6. That 'Dream' speech was great! Nicely done! *clap clap clap*

    I've never forgotten to buckle ANY of my four children. EV. ER.

  7. BRILLIANT intro!! you always have great ones. this one ranks right up there...but, my fave was the..."is this thing on? my name is kameron and i'm addicted to's been one day since my last post..."

    i friggin love it...they're awesome!

    hilarious about nate, too...i can soo picture the kid in his car seat taking a joy ride!

  8. Loved the intro!! LOL!! I have 'not' forgotten to rinse the conditioner out of my hair a time or two!

  9. haha I'm still laughing, picturing Natey smacking you in the bum!! I've almost left conditioner in a million times. We're definitely running even later these days, trying to get all of Aidan's stuff ready!

  10. Too funny, picturing him smacking your bum while you are trying to rinse out conditioner! Oh the things we DON'T go through in a week :-)
    Happy NMM!

  11. Guilty on the carseat thing. My husband and I both thought the other had done it... oops! I guess we got lucky, but it taught us to check twice~

  12. That's your best "opening show" for Not Me! Monday yet. Bravo.

    And I forgot to buckle T in once, and luckily as I got into my seat, and looked over my shoulder to back up, I saw her playing with the straps trying to lock herself in.

  13. I have never forgotten to buckle Jordy in, but I did something way worse. In fact I am getting a little teary eyed just admitting it. When we were in CA on vacation in March (mind in you Nebraska it was 10 degrees, CA 100) I put Jordy in his seat and he started screaming bloody murder. I thought he just didn't want to be put in his seat so I muscled him in it, buckled him in, and away we went. He screamed for a while, but by the time we got back to the house he was asleep. A few hours later I changed his diaper to see a brand of the his seat buckle burnt into the side him. I cried for hours, and may cry again right now. Now you can hardly see the scar, but I feel awful!

  14. Hey you,

    I thought I had already left you a comment but maybe not.

    Great Not Me by the way I loved it. Especially the getting smacked in the bum part.


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