Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everybody's doing it!

I just want to start off by stating my opposition to the evilness that is the "vlog". I don't especially like the sound of my voice. So much so that I don't even like leaving voice mails. If it's true that the camera adds 10 pounds then heck no I don't want to be recorded either! Heidi and Nikki both did one and at least these girls are funny. Nikki also threw around some idle threats in an attempt to "encourage" people to participate, so I figured I'd be a good sport and give it a whirl.

I kinda copped out by using my attempt as a way to pick my giveaway winners. At least then I didn't have to walk to my mail box (which would take all of 2 seconds as it is attached to my house) or sit there and think of something amusing to say. My hubby did ditch me tonight to go to the gun range so I guess I could have called him a MoFo too since he stuck me with feeding and bathing the kid on his night, but hey it's been done and who wants to be a copy cat?? Not me!

Ok, shut up, I am not stalling. Fine here goes nothing.

So I did the video in one take. I realized as we were getting into it that I couldn't really start over as we were picking winners and I was not letting the kid eat numerous packs of fruit snacks! Let's see, what were my favorite parts? Hmmm. I like how I said winner instead of winners. I just love the fact that the way I was sitting and looking to the side makes me look like I have numerous chins. I also find it funny that I forgot to actually tell you the name of the person who guessed correctly what the earrings were made of (Sara from Why Rinse Chicken in case you were wondering)! I wanted to show you each paper as he drew them so you'd know I wasn't makin' it up but that would have involved getting up each time and that just wasn't happening.
So there it is! Winners please email me to discuss your choice of colors and thanks for playing along!

& **Sara** from Why Rinse Chicken.


  1. I don't think you could pay me enough to vlog....

    I would love to tell you how cute your vlog is, and how adorable you both look...but I can't....the video won't play for me :(....I'm sure I'll be back later to tell you all of this...

  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! I am going to vlog on thursday...gotta do it babe! who cares what we look like, sound like, we are all supporters anyway...

    PS...I won! I won! I won...=) Do you pick the color? I loved them all it would be hard to choose!!!

  3. Dude. Vlog FAIL. The video is private and I am not in your Fockers Circle of Trust. How could that even BE?!

  4. Very cool --- love the idea of you bribing him with fruit bites... brilliant! He is adorable!

  5. Yup...I was right...very cute!! I can't get over how curly his hair has gotten!!

  6. I just told Nikki that I'm totally down for this "Vlog" challenge. Little nervous and scared of what the hell I will think of to vlog about but we shall see. I'll have mine up this weekend so just sit back and watch for it.

    Are we doing a freakin bed theme or something? Hell, I might spice it up and get in the bubble bath... nah.. I wouldn't put you guys through that type of torture, lol (nor my grandparents for that matter) HA!!

    YAY for me for winning a pair of your fabulous earrings. Black would be fantastic if you still have them available. Thanks girlfriend and you and Natey are just as adorable in your video as you are in pictures. Have a great night!

  7. very cute.................h eis adorable.

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  9. That was OUTSTANDING!!! Great touch adding in the kiddo. See Nikki was right. You gotta do more of this, that gave me chills and it was only a contest drawing. Vlog post are so much better than blog posts.

    You should join in with Nikki, Tarah, (both above) and many others at Fort Thompson on Thursday for Vlogemotions. I'll be sad if you dont. :(

    Serioulsy I would love seeing more of that every week and this would give you a reason why. PLEAAAASE? LOL

    Love and Prayers,


  10. I loved the vlog very cute. Sad I didn't win, but congrats to all the winners...even my cousin Tarah:)

  11. I'm so excited that I was one of the winners! Okay, I was way off base for my idea of what they are made of. LOL! Thank you so much! It's the first time I've won anything in the bloggy world.

    I thought the vlog was really cool. Little Nathan is absolutely adorable!

  12. Love that and it's neat to see you guys on a video rather than just in pics! And Natey's little voice is so cute ;o) "Two" will be here before we know it!

  13. HELL YEAH!!! thanks kam!! you were awesome! and one take!!!

    see, i did like 20 takes, still said 'um', called my husband a 'mofo', and felt like a dumbass!!! you did it in one!!!

    and dude...how old are you?? i know it's not polite to ask a woman's age...but, yeah, when have i ever followed etiquette!! you look ridiculously young!! RIDICULOUS!!

    Nate was even cuter in person! i love how when you tell him to say hi to the camera, he pauses for a minute as if to say, 'uh, mom, why the hell are we talking to the camera in the first place!'

    thanks kam! see how much fun it was...what are you gonna talk about for your next one?

  14. Loved it!! Natey cracked me up! You can tell he is a ball of energy :) And I think you did a great job....much better than my cheesey videos for Travis (that make my head look as big as Jay Leno's). It sounds like you have a bit of an "accent" - how long have you been on the east coast?

  15. I won!! Oh my goodness! Yay! Off to email you!

  16. Are you sure that my name was in the bag? I am bummed! You will have to host another giveaway sometime and rig it so that I can win.

    It will be our little secret.

    Oh, and what is all this business about vlogging? You and Nathan were fabulous!! I especially liked his wave good-bye in the last few seconds. You two might a dynamite pair on camera.


  17. Darn it! The video didn't show up for me! I am trying again. I will see you, my pretty!

  18. I love the vlog! And YAAAAY! for FISH SCALES! I'm off to email you right now! :)

  19. I liked you up on my blog. AND I'm down for the challenge.

  20. Look how cute you guys are!!!! WHat's with the bed thing you and Nikki got going on? Do we have to do these things from our beds? Crimeny. That would surely make an interesting vlog entry, eh?

    Seriously, you guys are adorable. Thanks for fixing it so I could see!

    And, uh, I TOTALLY guessed what they were. I just cheated, yo.

  21. I LOVE your blog. ESPECIALLY the 101 in 1001. Wow, GREAT idea!


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