Thursday, April 30, 2009


That picture is pretty freakin random doncha think Ok, so maybe it's more freaky than random, but you get the point. I'm going to join Brooke in her randomness today. It's a lot easier than video taping (do you still call it that with no tape?) myself for this Vlog thing. I might do one tomorrow, but my brain needs to recover from the one I did on Tuesday. Besides, do you guys really want to see me yapping away again so soon. I thought not.


I am a little stressed out due to a little thing I like to call procrastination. I am participating in a craft show on Sunday, as in 3 days from now and I haven't been sewing for it. I know, I super suck. I had some Etsy orders to finish and my craft room looked like someone ransacked it trying to find my valuables. I managed to get the orders done and shipped out and I cleaned up the room last night. I have this thing about not making a mess in a mess, so now I think I can get to work. The only thing is I am going to the gym tonight, so um, that leaves Friday and all day Saturday. I don't think I'm coming into work tomorrow.


What the heck is up with this swine flu thing? Maybe I'll say I have swine flu and then I won't have to come to work for like a week or so. And since my co-workers would have been "exposed" by me, maybe they can get some deserved time off too! Just a thought.


I am participating in a walk for wellness program at work. I'm kicking a$$ so far! My goal was to get over 10,000 steps a day and so far this week I have walked 50,330 since Monday and today isn't even over yet! Get a pedometer. It is kinda fun, if not slightly annoying due to the constant clicking sound it makes when you walk.


I asked for a camera for my birthday. Yes I know my birthday isn't until October. I'm an over achiever. I really want a good Nikkon or Cannon because I'm convinced it will magically make all of my pictures as perfect as Brooke's or Heather's. I think I will announce to my husband that, because I just saved us $1,187.78 by figuring out we hadn't filed for the homestead exemption on our taxes and fixing it, that I am getting the camera now! You think he'll buy it? It will still be a savings of like $500, right??


I just realized that I say like A LOT. Even when I'm typing. Damn. I'm such a Valley Girl, and no I do not have to wear shoulder pads because I do not say, "Like Hi OK!" and bob my head back and forth. Thankyouverymuch!


Well I'd better do some actual work now. Remember that little procrastination problem I have?? Well my individual development plan is due to my boss by the end of today, yes 3 hours from now, and I haven't started. Crap.


  1. Let me just are so funny. HOpe you get your development plan in on time.

  2. Ewwww...I use to have to do a "PDP" (personal development plan) when I worked in St. Louis and I so do not miss that.

    I'm also really bad about saying like...

    Good luck at the craft show!

  3. That Bert is scary.

    Yay you on the walking! I told a friend of mine that I would walk in a 5k with her by Labor Day. *sigh* Guess I best get a move on and get in shape, eh?

  4. For the record, I, BlogBaby thought that the picture WAS actually of Bert...hard for us little people to tell such subtle difference between weirdos in real life and weirdos on TV.


    P.S. Love your Etsy stuff, I'd ask you to rush order something for BigBoy's birthday next week but that you've disclosed your procrastination issue, I'm not sure it would make it on time. ;)

  5. Like what are you like talking totally like sound normal to me!!!!

    Awesome on the craft fair...hope you sell tons and get some serious $$$ !

    The swine me...not even fun to talk about it. FREAKS ME OUT!!!

    And the creepy dude at the top looks like a real life BERT but without the top hair....I hope he was NOT at a birthday about the creeps!!!

  6. I am creeped out by your Bert pic too! (Is it your hubby?)


  7. Okay, that picture is the freakiest thing I've ever seen. I'm really disturbed now.
    You totally need a new camera...Nikon's rock! I couldn't live without mine.

  8. You do have a lot on your plate!!!!

    I am a procratinator...I can relate!

  9. Ok he looks like a pedafile.

    As for this comment:

    Besides, do you guys really want to see me yapping away again so soon. I thought not.

    YES YES YES!!! We do want to see you vlog again. Dont think that we dont because we do!

    Thanks so much for doing the shirt for Will! You are such a great friend.

    Love and Prayers,


  10. I have SUCH a hard time not writing "like" in my posts! Chad and I both say it all the time. Such a bad habit!

    Yay for new cameras!!! I know they have good deals on Nikons, but it always sounds like everyone loves Canons the best. So go for the best, I say! You will LOVE it! And you deserve it if you saved $!

    I want to do the Vlog thing, but I can't download videos through Vista. Ugh. I did try one for fun, though... Aidan and I were at the piano and he freakin' fell off!! How's that for a good example of my parenting skills???

  11. I'm so glad you've decided to be random with me :)When I post, I realize that I say "So" ALL the time. Not sure if that really defines me as a true Mid-Westener! And I do not miss creating personal development plans....Oh, I want do this training course and do this and this......Yuck.

  12. I'm LOVING my Nikon but still don't know how and the hell it works, lol. I'm so excited for you on getting a new camera.. Whatever you choose, you will LOVE IT!

    You should post pics of what you entered in the craft thingy. I bet they are fabulous as always.

    That Bert dude is scary as hell and made me slide my chair back a bit. :)

  13. That picture is creepy. yet I feel the need to show other people.


What you talkin' bout Willis??