Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Springy Weekend!

I wish you could see how happy I am right now. That back flip I just did (in my mind) is all because of a little thing call SPRING! This winter was so crappy that I was literally overjoyed on Saturday when we got out first taste of 75 degrees for the first time this year! We had raised beds to build, soil to prepare and shorts to wear. Well, Natey had shorts to wear. My legs are so white I dare not expose them all at once for fear of blinding someone and getting 3rd degree burns after 5 minutes of sun light! Of course Natey was a big help. He loves the tape measure, so we distracted him while we worked by having him measure things.
He was also enamoured with the pencil that was behind Papa's ear, so being the awesome grandpa he is, he let Natey give it a try.
Unfortunately the cute one rarely listens to mommy and kept going in the area where wood was being cut so he had a little time out. It is so hard to punish him when he is making pouty faces like that, but I'd rather him stand in a corner than loose a finger!! We also went to the playground where Natey decided to go down the same "bumpy slide", as he calls it, for 20 minutes straight. I really gotta teach this kid some patience. Once he sets his sights on something, it is like no one else is even around. He's weaving and bobbing through the kids to get to the slide, and I am telling him he has to wait his turn, so what does he do?? He turns to the kid ahead of him and yells, "Wait, turn!" No, not him, YOU turkey! Oh well, he's not even 2, hopefully he will start getting these things sooner than later!
On Sunday it was 88 degrees!!! What, I'm sorry did I just type that correctly? Yup! We went to Goddard park. It is a giant park that has a small beach which was perfect for him to get a taste of the water. It was freezing but he didn't care. I'd show you pictures of Natey frolicking in the mini waves, but I realized something in the pictures would give away the surprise I want to wait till Friday to talk about! Now that I've wet your taste buds, I'll leave you to ponder what it might be!
Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends today at 4:44pm EST!! You know you want a pair of those earrings! Also I have had some of the funniest guesses as to what they are, so I will reveal who (if anyone) guessed correctly!!


  1. I am so happy for warm weather too! After a long winter I start to feel like a prisoner of the indoors! My legs are pasty white too- bring on the self-tanner!

  2. Wasn't it gorgeous out!!! We had so much fun...my blog isn't big enough to post ALL the pictures I took. I hope we have another weekend like that coming up!!!

    Oh and...I know I know.....(on both accounts :)

  3. Little Natey is becoming a handyman I see. What a great helper to have that's for sure. This weather is fabulous as long as it doesn't hit the 90's for a while. UGH, I dread the summer HEAT!

    I went back and read some of the guesses on your earrings and some were just out right hilarious. Can't wait for the reveal and to see what they are made of. Have a great day.

  4. He is for sure the cutest! Taylor is our helper. She loves to help us when we are working just like Natey.

    Love and Prayers,


  5. dude that kid. i would never be able to punish him. i mean, i know i would if i was his mom and he kept hitting me. but, if i were ever around that kid...he could have whateverthehell he wanted.

    reminds me of my youngest...his pre-k and mother's day out teachers have always thought he was so cute...so they let him "get away with murder." now, he's about to go to kindergarten, and it's not so cute anymore!! hence, the office referral!!!

  6. Oh no, did you cut his curls??? Is that why you didn't want to show the pics? Just a guess!

    It looks like EVERYONE in the blog world enjoyed a nice warm weekend!

  7. I love Natey's shirt too!!! So springy! Glad that you all got out to enjoy the weather...don't we all just love Fresh Air!!!

  8. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that SPRING HAS SPRING too! We've been outside every day this week!

  9. He's too cute! I'm glad you had a good weekend! We had the same weather here in PA, and I loved it!

  10. Yes, it has been springy here too. I am loving it. My legs are so white too...scary my friend. Love Nate's shirt so cute!

  11. How do you get him to stay standing in a corner for time out? I have to "guard" T!! And that pouty lip is so cute.

    Oh, my legs are pastey-gangsta white and will likely not being seeing shorts anytime soon!

    Are you really going to make ME wait until Friday? I have a thought, but I want to KNOW.

  12. You can take your spring like weather and stick it where the sun don't shine, missy.

    Yk...the sun doesn't shine over HERE so you can stick it over here. That's all I meant. really!

  13. Those pics are SO precious! He adorable...love the hair!


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