Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guess who's back?

Yes dear friends, I survived my vacation. I enjoyed 9 gloriously warm days in California and am now back to a cold and dreary New England Spring. Thanks for all of the words of support as I almost lost my mind packing. I did manage to get all 3 of us packed and the only casualty was my hair. I forgot my shampoo and conditioner. Luckily I used my sister's while in So Cal, and I bought conditioner in San Francisco, but then I couldn't find it and had a questionable doo for the wedding, but oh well. I wanted to post pictures today but I am still jet lagged all to heck so hopefully I can get to that tonight. I am glad to be back at home. I really feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, but I'm back at work today. I tried to keep up with everyone via my BIL's I-touch, but it was a pain to comment, so just know I read and sent out happy thoughts even if I didn't post them!
Here is a sneak peak of some of the family fun we had on our trip. And yes, a trip to Costco is considered fun in this family!!


  1. Welcome home. So glad your travel experience went smoothly!

  2. Welcome back, glad you had a good time. Hope you get over the lag quickly.

    Love and Prayers,


  3. So glad you are home safe and sound. Try and rest up...
    Can't wait to see pictures, but the one you posted will hold me over for now. He is sooooooo cute!

  4. We missed you! Glad you are back and had a nice trip. The picture is too funny....can't wait to see more.

  5. YAY KAMERON IS BACK!!!! I'm so glad you had a great time on your trip. I'm dying to see pictures of all the fun things you guys did. Natey is just sooo cute in those glasses. See, you need a little girl so you can sassy her up in some hot mama shades. :o)

    Glad your back - we have missed you.

  6. Welcome back...tell Natey I like his pink glasses!!

  7. Where are the pink ribbons to go with the glasses? Boy oh boy, I sure hope your next one is a girl!! :) Megan sure misses the french braids and she refuses to let me practice on her. Where are those 'my little ponies'...I can use them! I'm glad you made it back in 1 piece, but we sure do miss you three already. LOL Kiersten

  8. Lovin' that pix "}

    Oh, I hate that feeling, needing a vacation after a vacation! Hope your are back in the swing of things.



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