Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Baby (no more) Blues

I cried last night. It wasn't a stray tear here and there, it was sobbing. My baby turned 2 yesterday. I was sitting with my hubby and he said, "Good thing there's another baby on the way because it seems like you need it." I told him he didn't get it...and he doesn't. It isn't about Nathan not being a newborn any more. I cultivated Nathan inside my body. I felt every flutter, kick and back flip as he grew. I endured sciatica, sleepless nights surrounded by 30 pillows, swollen feet, stretch marks, and natural childbirth just to bring him into the world. He is my first child and to see him growing up makes me happy and sad at the same time. He is my baby, whether he's 2 or 32, I'll always feel that way. I know my mom felt that way about me until the day she died (and probably still). It must be a mommy thing.

Stay tuned for the birthday party post, a 2 year update, and I swear I'm going to post that vlog emotion video whether hubbs likes it or not. You all have had toddlers at one time or another and don't care if he's being ornery!!


  1. I know what you mean. It was very bittersweet to me when Trevor turned 2. It's SO amazing to watch them grow, but time seems to go by SO fast. I'm afraid next thing I'll know he'll be 18 and leaving home. :(

  2. I understand! It is so hard watching them get independent and everyday one step closer to not needing me!

  3. We totally get it!!! I feel like that a lot. I just had a day of sobs when school got out and I now have a 3rd grader that seems like I was just celebrating his 1st birthday and THEN, then my BABY will be 5 in a few short weeks...5??? Where does all the time go?

    So post that VLOG all disheveled and sobby...we love you anyways and feel your joy and your pain!

  4. I completely understand too! You love to watch them learn and grow, yet at the same time it's all going by way to fast (even those crabby moments too).

  5. It is so hard to see them grow up and each year it breaks my heart that they are getting older. I love each phase...but time just goes way to quickly. I totally get it and feel the same way.

  6. Im a guy and I get it. For some reason after Will was born I cried badly and ever since have turned into a sap. That is what Carey calls it anyway. She use to complain that I never cried, and now that I have gotten more emotional in my old age for whatever reason) she cant stand it.

    It is VERY hard to watch them grow up, and being his mommy must make it even harder. I will never understand or know that bond, but I can see it in my kids with Carey.

    The fact that you get emotional over these things just shows what a great mommy you really are.

    Love and Prayers,


  7. Oh honey I completely understand. It is so hard to watch them grow up so fast, and yet I get so excited to see Reagan learning and discovering new things. It's like a double edged sword!
    Happy Birthday to your little/big guy!


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