Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vlogemo***banned edition***

I'm going to get busted if the hubbs sees this, seeing as he didn't doesn't want me to post it. I'm going to use the selective listening that has become the norm in this toddler ridden house and pretend I didn't hear that. Um, ok? So this video is from last week (obviously) before Natey's birthday party, but I want to post it and don't feel like recording a different one. And since his antics kinda qualify for a performance we're rolling with it.

Everyone be thinking of and praying for Tim today as he goes in for his surgery this morning.


  1. He is totally too cute. I love how much and how well he is talking. I love that he will repeat anything for you. my kids were the same way. What a cutie patootie. He has the cutest voice.

  2. love seeing that kid!! uh. yeah...he's a slugger!! he looks all boy to me...good job on not making your first born a wimp like i did!!

  3. So cute! I loved when you asked if he was going to help you or not... NOT! That was cute!

    *sigh* Sometimes I miss those days.

  4. He has got to be the funniest lil guy. My Brea is fiesty like that and will knock you out if you get too close, lol. So funny!

    Have a great day sweetie!

    P.S Tayler in the maternity pic was 7 months along. :)

  5. Um, he was such a typical toddler! I was expecting this crazy, all over the place, spazzy kid. He seemed pretty spot on to me :) Glad you shared it!

  6. He's a cutie. And by the way he was talking so clearly, I thought he might be turning three.

  7. That was adorable! What would hubs not want us to see that? He looks like a little stud!!! Happy Birthday!

  8. He's too cute!!!
    When he held up his 2 fingers, Lexie held up her 2, and said, "Peace out!" Now she wants to see the "boy" again!
    He's acting like a normal toddler, lol!

  9. Oh my goodness, he's too cute, and you seem like such a fun mom. Was it the word poop that got this video "banned"? Too funny.

  10. That was adorable! Girl, you are quick. He almost swatted the camera out of your hands a couple of times. lol

    My daughter was watching this and said, "This is how you show two fingers" as she tried to help him. Ha.

    She laughed when he tried to bite your nose and change the shape of your face. :o)

  11. He is just so cute and funny and BUSY! I have been working with Drew to hold up two fingers for being 2, but I just don't think they can master that yet!

    BTW, Drew loved the video of Natey singing and the cake you made looked awesome!!!

  12. This video made me laugh, Kam. Your boy is all about the super-heros.

    Life is good. Plus, I adore his honesty.


  13. I'll have to try it with sound later - Itty Bit is barely asleep. I'm sure he will love watching Natey!

    And as far as the "brat" thing your husband was talking about..? My kiddo gets a bit cranky when I stick a camera in his face when he wants out of his high chair ;)

    You and I both know that this vid is hardly bratty, right? :) Cuz my kiddo just decided to "fix" my fantastically blooming daylilies (and destroyed every last one of them)...

    I loved seeing Natey in living color - just adorable!

  14. Awww that was NOTHING!

    "Are you gonna help me or not?"


    HA! That was So Corban.

    Nicely done.


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