Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Could it be? What's that you say?? A Monday I don't have to work, hooray!! In good fashion I will have to say that I am not absolutely giddy that I am in my jammies writing my post. This is one Monday that being in said jammies at this time is not going to make me late for work! I'd like to blame MckMama for my obsession with these posts, but we all know that you can lead a horse to water but ya can't make 'em drink. If you want to drink in the hilarity, head on over to her blog and wallow in the fun with us!
I did not trip while going up the stairs at work and drop my timer down 2 flights of stairs trying to grab the hand rail. I was not amazed that it didn’t break into a million pieces, though it did completely reset the timer and clock.

I didn’t wash my hands with the worst smelling sop ever and then have to smell it for over an hour until I could leave the lab and wash my hands in our office bathroom with different soap. I didn't look mildly crazy since I kept smelling my hands and grimacing.

When arriving at my In-laws house for our Christmas Eve party, I did not drop their present (our professional pictures) in a giant puddle. If that happened, I would not immediately throw the rest of the stuff I was holding onto the hood of my car (while yelling profanities) and rip the paper off of their gift to avoid soaking the photos. Since that did not happen to me, I did not have to give them their present unwrapped and explain my clumsiness.

I was not one of the 4 oldest people at a concert the other night. I was not secretly happy that we could have a spot at the bar with a perfect view since people weren’t fighting to get a drink!

My little man didn't misjudge the height of a step and fall right on his noggin. If that happened, I would be a calm parent, not freak out and snatch him up probably making him dizzy. He didn't cough up a little bit of lunch, start choking on it and then proceed to throw up all over me. At the first sign of gagging I turned him around. I am not stupid enough to stand there and let him puke on me...4 times. Nope, not me!

What did you "not" do this week??


  1. I hate it when you get the bad smelling soap. OMGosh, it seems like that is the scent that stays forever. Sorry, but I had to laugh about Natey throwing up on you...4X. Hope that he is ok.

  2. Monday's off are great! The One is off today, too...and we're heading out to play with the kids!

    Hope you have a good day with Nate!

  3. Isn't it great, once it start to come back up it doesn't stop!! Now you just have to learn how to aim LOL!! Hope the little guy is feeling better!!

  4. Awww! Poor Nate!

    I'm glad the pictures weren't ruined.

  5. My favorite was the Christmas presents...That sounds like something that I would totally do! You know we have to be clumsy...thats just the way we roll!!! PS, also falling down the, that is a lot of falling!!!

  6. My nose is so ultra sensitive, I would have been near tears at the smell of a icky soap on my hands. I've been known to smell my clothes several times over wondering if maybe, just maybe, they sat in the washer an hour longer than they should have!

    Hope the pictures were okay! And glad Natey didn't puck on you more than 4 times...poor guy!

  7. Oh, the soap!! I work in a hospital and I cringe every time I smell it! It must make the patients gag. And then there's that hand gel scent that smells like a bar....Ewww, I'm with you on that one.

  8. Im glad your pictures werent ruined! that is the sort of thing that would definitely NOT happen to me!!!


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