Thursday, December 25, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Natey had his first snowy adventure with his bestest friend Tyler. Tyler and Nate were born a week apart and, since his mommy and I are so close, it's like they had a built in best friend from birth. They are just getting to the age where they can have fun together and what better way to have fun in the snow than going sledding?? We got a little over a foot of snow here from Friday through Sunday so we decided to take the boys out to enjoy it. It was Natey's first time in the snow and he was such a good sport. He loves Tyler and they had a little bit of interaction before getting to the main event.

Since it was his first time, we sent him down with daddy (I took a couple turns with him too) a couple of times before he went down by himself. Joelle had a little munchkin sled that they got to ride in by themselves. I was a little weary at first, but they put Tyler in it the day before and he did great. Plus, the snow was fluffy and slow and the hill that we were sending them down was pint sized and not too steep.

The whole outing was a success, and it was so much fun. The boys had a good time and didn't mind the fact that it was snowing the whole time. Natey mostly wanted to eat the snow and "weeeeeee'd" all the way down the hill. The only lesson I learn for next time is that I will get him fully dressed BEFORE we get there. i thought he'd get too hot so I waited to put on his snow pants, jacket, gloves, hat and boots until we got there. This was not a good idea. It was snowing and cold and it was such a pain to try to get him dressed. He will just have to be Ralphie's little bro next time and be bundled to the nines during the ride over!


  1. Awesome pictures!!!!

    Did he get to write his name in the snow?? :)

  2. Such cute pictures! That is a lot of snow!

  3. What fun. I love it Ralphie's little brother. We love that movie. The pics were great too!

  4. I'm thinking we should spend next Christmas in Red River with my sister so my kids can have a "white" one! Looks beautiful!


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