Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter fun

Easter 2012 was fun and hectic. I learned that I should not help my hubby, BIL and SIL house 3 bottles of wine on the eve of a screeching holiday. This list shall include Christmas, Easter and birthdays...or any other day when I expect excited children receiving gifts to run screaming through the house. Wait, if you minus the gifts part that sounds like every other day. Maybe I shouldn't drink at all, but I digress.

Arielle wanted boots and a "ba-rella" and the Easter bunny came through. They loved their baskets and of course jelly beans were eaten before breakfast.

The played out in the yard and Arielle toted the umbrella around everywhere. (Slightly out of focus, boo, but I love the face she's making).

Nate got a new hat and was convinced it was his Indiana Jones hat. I swear this kid can turn a peep into a fire breathing something that he needs to slay. We visited with my other BIL, his girlfriend and the boys' mom and her husband for a couple of hours. As if I wasn't already exhausted after all of that, we had to get ready for Easter at the other In-laws!

 The best laid plans of taking super cute shots are always thwarted by silly faces, blinking, lighting speed movements and the fact that my backyard is super boring. I need to get some color happening back there! Of course I didn't get one good one of them looking at me, but this one of them looking at each other made me melt.

We finally made it to the in-laws' house and the eating began. I planned on taking more pictures, but once the food came out, my camera sat idle and my hands decided that a fork was a better tool! We had a fun day that ended with me passing out at 8 putting Nate to bed, but time spent with family made it special. They might be crazy but I love them! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

First Day: April 2012