Friday, January 17, 2014

Angry Birds Go! Telepods Review

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My kids love angry birds! What is more fun than dive bombing birds into pigs? Not much around here, that's for sure. Ever since the original app came out I have had some version of it on my phone to keep the kids entertained for long car rides, any occasion in public when I need them to not be screaming, etc. I got the chance to review the new Telepods game and knew my kids would like it.

I showed Nate and he wanted to play it immediately. Arielle even took a break from her rock star dress up time (no I don't normally dress my toddler in pink pleather and sequins) to play with us. We set it up, the kids picked their cars and we were off to the races! The kids had fun blasting their cars to the finish line. Arielle liked it because she actually had a chance to beat her big brother at something, and did several times! 

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Of course Nate checked out the box after we were done racing and noticed there was an app that went with the game. He and Daddy downloaded it and now it's the new favorite app in our house. It's not just for kids, folks. My husband is somewhat obsessed with Angry Birds Go! at the moment. Luckily it is fun and has a catchy tune! Hasbro has done so many fun things with the Angry Birds franchise. The mix of hands on and technology is definitely a hit with our family!

Disclosure: I received the Angry Birds Telepods game for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.