Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A gourmet I am not

I am by no means a gourmet chef, but I can hold my own in the kitchen. But just when I think I'm getting good, the universe has a way of humbling me. Last night I decided to make a stir fry. This is one of the few things I can make without sticking to a recipe. I have a wok like pan and I oiled it up and started cooking my veggies. I decided that I'm cool enough now to not need a spoon, I'll just toss the veggies in the pan. A fire ball and slightly singed arm hair later, I had lost half of the veggies to the stove top. Thankfully I had my wits about me to immediately turn the burner off, or a full blown oil fire might have started. I guess I will have to file away my Iron Chef application for a later date. A much later date.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Arielle at 2 months

The two month mark came so fast, I can hardly believe it! With Nate, I felt like a truck plowed over me for the first 6 weeks and they seemed to drag on forever, but you sailed through it with ease! You have such a different temperament than your brother. I am holding out hope that you'll be my calm, introspective child! Here are some of the milestones you have reached this month:
  • At your appointment today you weighed in at 13 pounds, 4 ounces and were 24.75 inches long. That puts you in the 75-90th percentile for weight and above the 95th percentile for height! Nate was 11 pounds 7 ounces and 23.75 inches at 2 months. I can't believe you are almost 2 full pounds heavier than he was! I just pulled out all of the 3-6 month clothes as the feet of all of your jams were way too small!
  • You are smiling more and more every day. I love the chubby faced grins you give me.
  • I swear I heard you laugh yesterday, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • You are cooing a lot. We have "conversations" every day. You say goo and oooh and then usually cough from the effort of making your sounds!
  • You love the bouncy seat and it is the alternative napping spot if you're not in the bed.
  • You still hate the swing and get the hiccups EVERY time I put you in it. I thought this would change by now, but I guess not.
  • You hold your head up great and, even though you hate tummy time, can push your head up about 45 degrees when you're on your tummy.
  •  You had your first shots today and it was rough, but your chubby legs seem to have enough padding!
I go back to work next Monday. I am so sad that our days, just you and me, are coming to an end. I have really loved these first 2 months home with you and wish I could do it every day.

Natey at 2 years 7 months

Hello, my rough and tumble boy.  Another month has flown right on by and you are growing before my eyes it seems! I was talking to daddy last night about our trip in July and I realized you will be 3 when we go!

You have fully realized that you have choices. You tell me and daddy that you don't like us any more and we aren't your best friend anymore when you get put in timeout. Then, as quickly as it comes, it goes away and you say that we're your best friend again. It hurt my feelings the first few times you said it, but I'm over it now and realize you are just being a 2 year old.

You started resisting putting your shoes on when we had to leave. We took you to get your feet measured for new shoes and realized you were at a 9 and had been wearing size 8! Oops, no wonder you didn't want to put them on! I can't believe how fast your feet grow!

You went for your second cleaning at the dentist and she said you've got all of your baby teeth and they look great! You were so good too. I was surprised!

You are getting too smart for your own britches. You try to change a word you know is naughty, just enough to see if you can get away with saying it. "Dag blammit" has to be the funniest one so far. When you say it, you look over at us so sly with your little smirk to see if we've noticed. I have had to start giving you time outs for these instances so you know I mean business!

Your bed time has been a little rocky as of late, but Grandma gave us a tip to keep you calm when we leave the room. Now that we ask you if you want the door cracked, the battles have stopped...for now!

Your hair is getting really long again, but daddy won't let me do anything about it. He wants to see what it will do if left alone. I still maintain my promise never to cut it myself...we all know how that turned out last time!

When I ask if I can share something with you, you reply, "Of course!!".

Thanks for being my crazy Natey. You and your "sissy" are the reasons I smile every day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I'm jealous that my 8 week old has more cleavage than me! Chubba Bubba!!! Oh and if you just wanna die because her head band is so stinking cute, go get one of your own. We'll wait. The cuteness will still be here when you get back!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Because

She so cute...

He's so funny...

and I'm so busy...

Oh and yes I made the Baby Bjorn cover. It was the prototype for the one I plan on making myself and Heather. Let me know if you want to spice up your Baby Bjorn too! See...I told you I've been busy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh the things...

....you can and should not do, while wearing a baby in a Baby Bjorn front pack, that you might not be aware of.

You can:

Walk around the mall. Just forget about trying anything on.

Blog. If you listen to classical music on Pandora (to drown out the typing) and bounce endlessly on an exercise ball.

Pee. Don't ask. Ok, yes, it does take a little maneuvering, but it can be done.

Sew. If, and only if, said baby is sleeping. Also on the chance that baby wakes, you may have to stand and bounce until baby falls back asleep.

Watch half of a movie. They'll probably wake up and you won't be able to watch the other half until later.

You shouldn't:

Drive. I mean, you probably could but it's not safe. Don't be a Brittany, one in this world is enough.

Cook. Babies don't like getting splashed with hot oil. They're not especially fond of you cutting onions either.

Pick things up off of the floor. This actually can be done, but it is dangerous to your health and possibly the baby's if you, by chance, tip over.

Shovel snow. This is an especially useful excuse, so if you know your hubby is about to ask you for help, just strap the kid on!

Now you know.

This was a public service announcement and by no means endorsed by Baby Bjorn. They'd probably be horrified, actually ;o)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 in pictures

January: Natey started the looooooooooooong process of potty training!

February: I got pregnant!

March: Went to San Diego for work and to get out of the 20 degree cold for a few days!

April: Aaron's brother Barak got married so we went on a week long trip to California to see my family and attend the wedding. It was also Nate's first trip to Disneyland!

May: Nate meets farm animals face to face and loves it! And I planted my first vegetable and herb garden!

June: My baby turns 2!

July: Attended our friend Tina's wedding and had a major dress malfunction!

August: Went to Montreal and met a wonderful blogger, turned friend!

September: Joelle and I went to see Jason Mraz and G-love!
October: Batman and Batgirl procure lots of candy...that mommy ate most of.

November: We welcomed baby Arielle into our family....5 days late!

December: My little family is complete! I love them more than I ever knew I could!

I had a pretty great 2009 when I look back at it! I only hope 2010 is even better as I watch my babies grow and make some improvements to myself as I strive to get back my pre-baby-baby body!