Monday, September 15, 2008

Another (not so good) first

Well, yesterday Nathan got his first fat lip. Now, I know he is a boy and thus will have his fair share of injuries, but I felt bad just the same. He was leaning down to push the plunger down on one of his toys and he fell forward and banged his lip on it. He was bleeding and crying, but the crying only lasted for a minute. He is starting to see that hurting himself gets a reaction, albeit a small one. I try not to get freaked out and coddle him, but when I hurt myself I want some sympathy, so I give him hugs and tell him he's fine. He was bouncing on Uncle Ollie's lap and bonked his head on the side table. He started crying and came to me and I gave him a hug. He then proceeded to go back to the table, look at us, and slowly lean forward until he connected head with wood. Then he fake cried and I told him he was just fine. Isn't it funny how they learn these things?!

He has his 15 month appointment today so I will update with his stats after that. And I'll write about my 101 later too.

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