Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday (take 2)

It's that time again! Another installment of Not Me! Monday. Like I mentioned before if you want a little pick me up of giggles, follow the link to MckMama's blog to check out everyone who is posting these! Without further ado, here goes...

I was not looking forward to writing this post ALL week so much that I made mental notes of what to write and then forget them all.

I did not breathe a huge sigh of relief when I found out that I officially got my job back, even though everyone else said it was a given. I have way too much confidence for that, ha!

I did not compete in the Wii bowling team building event that I organized, win first place and then happen to be a member of the winning overall team! That would look bad, and I certainly would never let my competitiveness and need to be recognized cloud my judgement!

I SO did not drive off of a curb, all the while thinking that's where the driveway of that store was. I also didn't hope that no one saw me and was having a laugh at my expense..nope, not me!

I didn't have cabin fever from the fact that it rained ALL weekend and get so irritated at the humidity, noise and lack of simulation that I told my husband to take the boy and go for a walk (in the rain, in my defense it was a light drizzle at that point) so I could have a few minutes of peace and quiet. And if said thing did happen, I wouldn't have been so happy about it that I sat down on the kitchen floor and did nothing for 10 minutes when I was supposed to be making dinner.

I also did not encourage my son to spin around and around in hopes he would get dizzy and fall over in a feeble attempt to entertain myself while trapped in doors on said rainy day.

Shh, I didn't drink the last of the iced coffee and write this post while I am supposed to be getting ready for work (and hubby is watching the boy). And I am not going to be late for work now, but if I were, I would absolutely care!!


  1. don't you hate it when it rains over the weekend. I have got to the point where I've said... enough lets go play in the rain just to get out of the house

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Last week I read the "not me's" late in the day when there we already 200 or so and so I only read the ones with interesting titles.

    It's been really fun to participate this week. I loved the spinning baby trick!


  3. Love the video! And I've never spun my 3yr old and 20 month old around in my desk chair only to quickly stand them up and tell them to run! That would be mean, not to say they could get hurt!

  4. I was a couple minutes late for work this morning too.. the little blog might get me in

  5. That has got to be the funniest thing I've seen this morning! I used to crack up when my kid would spin.

    Found you on MckMama and wanted to stop by and say Hey!

  6. Glad I'm not the only "sick" mom who likes to see the kids get dizzy after turning circles! LOL. It'll always be funny to me...

  7. Your "not me's" crack me up!! I am STILL working on posting videos... you'd think with a computer geek husband, I would be the first to have these things in place. But alas, he has more important things to do. : ) Not sure if Aidan is afraid of kids or just the camera... but he seems to make bug eyes when he's near them. He never cries, though, so we might have bug eyes with Natey, but at least no tears. Did 3pm sound like a good time for pics? I can reschedule if there's a time of day Natey's in a better mood! Y

    Yeah, I'm having a great time with my 101... some things seem hard to measure, so I'm trying to come up with measurable ones.

  8. I love the Not Me Mondays!!! I just found MckMama's blog awhile back and now I find Mondays one of my favorite days of the week. :) Found you from Katie's blog (she is a friend of mine). Your not-me's made me laugh!!!
    Especially driving off the curb... I drive a big SUV and I have done that SO MANY TIMES and feel like a dork when I do it! (You gotta know SOMEONE saw...)

  9. Too funny! Especially your little man doing circles. He's adorable.


  10. So glad to see you figured out the "comments" thing. Plus Rebecca, who does the UptownDesigns left you a happy thought! You should check out her family blog she's amazing!

  11. SO I checked out the "Not Me Monday" site... that woman is amazing!! And wow, she posts OFTEN! I am in love with her photography. I've realized that is my ultimate goal in life - to be able to take pictures like that. So... I was reading a few of her controversial subjects, and it made me wonder - did you get Natey circumcised? I guess it didn't really occur to me NOT to, so we did with Aidan. And he SLEPT through it, so I don't feel bad for any pain he went through. There's too many decisions to make as a mommy - vaccinations, diapers, cicumcision, breastfeeding, etc. Guilt, guilt all over the place!

    Oh, so Aidan is still taking 3 naps a day, and he usually sleeps in the morning from 9:30-10:45/11ish... when are Natey's naps? By November, though, who knows what Aidan will be doing?

  12. Rebecca'a main blog is China, Baby! That's the one you should check out. She also has a private blog where she shares details of Ownen's adoption, a photograohy blog and a homeschooling blog. Oh, plus the uptown blog where she gives blog tips... she is busy geez!

  13. I love the video! He is a handsome little guy!


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