Friday, September 12, 2008

You can say that again!

And he does, again and again! It is amazing what growing babies (yes I know he's technically a toddler, but I'm not letting go of that title just yet!) are capable of. Natey will be 15 months old tomorrow and he is learning more and more every single day. He is my little magpie, mimicking anything and everything he sees or hears. This of course is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because he makes me laugh every single day with something new he has heard and is repeating back to me. Like a couple months ago when it was Aaron's turn to go get him up and change him. As I lay in bed I could hear them through the monitor perched by our bed. Aaron walked in and said "Morning boy!" and Natey said it right back. Or this morning when I was battling my allergies and blew my nose in the car. I looked in the rear view just in time to see him cover his nose with his hand and blow a raspberry with his tongue.

Nathan's chipmunk impression...he's storing watermelon in those cheeks!

It hasn't been a curse just yet, but I can picture it now.... I am cooking dinner and turn to grab something off of the counter, bang my head and an unpleasant word comes out as a reaction. Then sweet little dimpled cheeked Nathan will repeat it back to me and giggle all the while. Aaron and I don't go off cursing like sailors or anything, but the occasional profane word has been known to slip from our lips in times of stress. I have been making a conscious effort NOT to do this in front of Nathan, and for that matter not to do it at all. All I need is to be in the supermarket and have my 15 month old dropping the f-bomb left and right.

I figured out a way to post the video. Here is Nathan doing his animal sounds!


What you talkin' bout Willis??