Saturday, September 6, 2008

Path of Evolution: Week 1

Ok, so I know that "week 1" would technically end tomorrow, but I have decided that even God rested on the 7th day so why not talk about my progress on the path to complete my 101 tonight. I will start by saying that I have not completed any goals just yet, but I feel like I got a good start and am "in progress" on a few!

1. Change all passwords on my accounts: I started this and boy is it going to take longer than I thought. Do you realize just how many things you need passwords for these days!!!??? You can't even go to the bathroom without logging in. So i think I will just sit down sometime next week and devote about an hour to this task and see how far I can far I have changed 3. :o)

25. Learn a new word every day: This is a pretty lofty goal. I figured the best way to tackle it would be to sign up at for the word of the day to be emailed to me. It is one thing to say that you are going to learn new words and quite another to commit them to memory. The first 2 days I read them and then on the third day, I was like, "crap, I forgot the 2 I've learned already." The way I am going to work on this is, I will read the week's words over again each day and I will share the words with you so that I am forced to go over them...again.
  1. admonition: gentle or friendly reproof; caution or warning

  2. comestible: suitable to be eaten

  3. glower: to look or stare at angrily or with a scowl

  4. immolate: to sacrifice; to kill or destroy by fire (I don't see myself using this word to often, but I guess that's not the point!!)

  5. bevy: a group or collection

  6. laudable: worthy of praise; commendable

28. Read 50 books: I read my first book toward this goal this week, actually I ready the whole thing today. :o) When I was trying to think of a name for my blog I wanted something clever, but I'm not so good at that, so instead I decided to try to capture the essence of what I wanted this blog to be. I wanted to be able to look back on it and have a snapshot of the life and times of our family, so I chose A Wrinkle in Time. Then I started thinking that it sounded familiar so I googled it. Turns out it was familiar. It was a book that, had I not gone to HCS, I would have probably already read. So I thought it appropriate that I started my 50 books with that one. After reading it, I feel it is an even more appropriate title for my blog since it about science, wonder and family. The overwhelming theme is that love conquers all and I feel inspired and happy that I read this to start my 101 adventure.

38. Work out 4X week: I got this week under my belt, well, almost. It was hard because Monday was labor day and I am opposed to actually doing labor on that day so I skipped. I worked out Tuesday and Wednesday (I even ran 4 miles Wed), but then I hung out with Joelle Wednesday night until 2:45am and between the exhaustion and the fact that I couldn't move my legs from my overly ambitious return to running; Thursday was a bust. I went Friday, mostly because I didn't want to have to work out both weekend days. I am going running tomorrow morning to round out the week. I would have gone today, but a little thing called Tropical Storm Hannah screwed up that plan.

62. Write and mail out one "Thinking of You" card each month: I know you are wondering why I bothered with the obvious part of this goal; mailing them out. The truth of the matter is, I am awesome at remembering to buy cards for all important occasions. In fact I rarely forget to purchase and most of the time fill out said cards. I do, however, have a hard time actually getting them to their intended recipient. I still have a mother's day card that I bought for my grandma 2 years ago. I don't know what my issue is, but hey, that's why it's a goal, right? I digress. Anyway, I sent out my first one this week. I think it would cheapen it to talk about who I send the cards to and why, so I will leave it at that.

94. Start and maintain my bog weekly (including my 101): Well, this one is a no brainer. I must admit it is probably one of the most difficult for me though. I read all of my friend's blogs and wonder.. "hey, why can' I be that witty, it's not fair?!" And , believe me, if I thought it would help I would have made that a goal, but hey, some of us are writers and some of us, well some of us can understand the concept of a tesseract. :o)

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  1. I'm so proud of you, Kam! I've been thinking non-stop about your list, wondering if I should make my own or just live vicariously through yours... hmmm, reading your updates everyday sure would be easier!! : ) I love your thing... problem is if you actually learn a new word AND figure out how to use it in a sentence to someone, chances are THEY won't understand it anyway! I guess that just makes you sound smarter, though. Point for you! haha I really like your reading books goal - that I might have to borrow. And good for you for running 4 miles! I can't even run a quarter of a mile right now! Keep up your exercise and you'll be well on your way to complete goal #8!!


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