Thursday, September 25, 2008

There's no I in Wii

Ok, so I know there are 2 of them, but follow with me for a minute! We just finished our 3 day PD Symposium, for which I was on the team building committee. Our company is a little strapped for cash at the moment so the days of flying everyone in our organization to a glorious location like Seattle for the week (2006) are on hold for the moment. They decided, rather than not do it at all, that they would have a "virtual" symposium where we all had to stare at computer screens and listen to talks via teleconference for 3 days. I was, over all, unimpressed with the whole thing. Except the team building event, which I pretty much organized, went over so well! We decided to do Wii bowling for our event.

What is Wii bowling you ask? So, those of you who have a Wii or know exactly what Wii bowling is, tune out for the next few sentences. The Wii is a kid friendly video game system that is put out by Nintendo. You actually have to get off of your butt to play it, which is what makes it fun and interactive. The remotes for the game are basically extensions of your arms and if you are playing bowling, golf or tennis, you have to swing your arm in the motion of the actual game. Anyway, we had a site competition for each of the sites and the people with the top 6 scores went on to the cross site competition where we played on 3 teams with people from the other 5 sites. I got the top score for our site (who knew I could Wii bowl!!!) and was on the winning team for the cross site competition. That is not even the amazing part though. I mentioned that I was on the committee who organized the whole shebang, right? Well, I was the most junior staff person on this team and I orchestrated the whole thing with Rent-a-Center. By the way, don't ever rent from them, they are a pain in the butt! I was getting stressed because they were making things very difficult, but at the last minute everything came together and the games went off without a hitch. I would like to say that I won't be volunteering for anything like this again, but the truth is I may be volunteered whether I like it or not. And, truth be told, I really liked it. Now, I'm not saying that I want to ditch science and jump into project management or anything, but it is something I may add to my arsenal.

Most of you know my job situation and that I have been miserable about it for the last year. Well, it finally came to an end yesterday. I officially have my job back. No more worries of potentially having to go to manufacturing (ugh, I'd rather work at Micky D's) or looking for a back up job just in case. I feel like I can focus again and have my motivation back. Well, speaking of this re-found motivation, I'd better get down to the lab and get busy!

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