Friday, September 19, 2008

So much for Chowda!

Today was the annual Chowder Cook-off at my work. I was so excited for Nathan to go, mostly to show him off to my friends and co-workers. I had the cutest outfit for him and I even went and bought him new shoes last night, which didn't fit so I had to leave work a little early and exchange them before I picked him up. I got there to pick him up, got him dressed and Rachel and I oohed and awwwed over how handsome he looked. We picked up Aaron and headed to the fest! We got there and it was so cold and windy. Luckily I had brought a sweater for Natey, which unfortunately was going to cover up his super cute shirt, but you gotta keep the kid warm, right?

Well, we said our hellos to a couple of my co-workers and set off to get some food in us before we got to the main event, the chowda tasting. We were feeding him in his stroller when suddenly he PUKED all over his shirt, jeans and stroller. Luckily he had a bib on or his whole shirt would have been covered. Oh, did I mention that Rachel had told me that her son threw up this morning, oh yeah, he did. I wasn't concerned about it at the time. I mean, how fast can another kid get sick right? Apparently the same day. I wasn't totally convinced he was sick because he was drinking his water really fast and started choking on it right before he spewed. I started freaking out and wiped him up the best I could, but he still smelled like puke. His shirt was a little wet, and of course I forgot to put his extra change of clothes in the diaper bag, which I never forget to do. Anyway, we had just arrived and I wasn't about to leave without a fight, so I put his hoody on him and plopped him back in his wiped down stroller.

I wanted to taste at least ONE chowder before we left so I got my first sample. After 3 bites a gust of wind caught me off guard and I dropped my spoon (full of red creamy chowder) on to the stroller and the top of Nathan's head. At this point, I threw in the towel. Aaron (in a short sleeved shirt) was freezing, my poor boy stunk like puke and now had chowder on the top of his head (hood at least) and I could no longer ignore the reality of my defeat. It goes to show you the best laid plans have no meaning once you have a munchkin calling the shots.

Here are some of the few pictures I manged to get of him today.

This morning in the car on the way to Rachel's house

With his shades on the way to the chowda fest

His super cute shoes that you don't get to see in the pics

Eating mac'n'cheese and hot dogs

You can almost see his cute outfit

Right after he puked, poor thing.


  1. Poor kiddo! Poor you!! What a disaster. I was laughing my head off, though, when the chowda landed on Natey's head. What a day. But seriously, that's a cute shirt on your boy! Let me know what he's going to wear in November! Maybe he'll be in a different size by then? Oh, thanks for your labor response. I'm so proud of people who can go natural. I guess I should stop beating myself up about it - what's done is done and I would make the same decision again. Oh, and I don't think my epidural worked completely because I still felt ALL feeling in my legs! It just took the right pain away and left the bearable stuff. : ) Can't wait to see you guys soon!


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