Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

One of my favorite blogs is written by a momma in the Midwest raising 3 little munchkins and is pregnant with her 4th. She had a post where she described a series of "I didn't dos" which I thought was hilarious. OK I know this makes no sense but after you read my post, pop on over to her site and check it out. It is a very cathartic activity to admit the random things that some people might frown on, but everyone knows they do at some point! So, without further ado, here are my I didn'ts from the past week....

I didn't forget to bring an extra set of clothes for Nathan to the Chowder Cook-off on Friday, I never do that. I also didn't frantically wipe the puke off of the outfit he was wearing (and the stroller) and try to continue our outing because I didn't want to go home yet, that would be selfish!

I didn't run down the up-escalator at the mall just because the down one was out of commission, and I was too lazy to trek into Macy's to use the elevator. I also didn't practically plow down a rather large woman during this whole process, that would just be plain rude!

I didn't let two grubby-handed little girls help me feed Nathan at a cook-out just because they had puppy dog eyes and were to cute to say no to. That would be unsanitary and disgusting.

I also did not go to the market last night to get stuff for the baby and come home with a tube of Nestle's tollhouse cookies and vanilla ice cream, proceed to bake cookies and make sundaes out of them. That would not be good for my diet, so I wouldn't even think of it!

I didn't not not wash my hair for the 5th day in a row today and just put my hair in a ponytail instead because I didn't feel like doing anything with it. Of course I would never do that, it would be gross!

I also am not writing this blog at work, when I should be doing any number of things other than this!


  1. Thanks for saying Hi! I must admit that that is definitely not the first time I have had to re-wash a load of laundry. I'm sure you can relate. You get busy with kids, house, husband... you forget it was in there. Oh, well. I admire your to-do list, very ambitious!

  2. Yeah no one stalks her... nope no one. Thanks for saying hi! I'm glad you clicked on my picture!


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