Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter weekend started on Saturday as it usually does, making a giant mess with some dye and eggs. In my brilliance, I managed to get a tie dye kit this year. Next year we will return to the normal eggs in the cups kit...and a natural dye so I will let the kids actually eat the eggs later on. This one involved a little plastic dropper and kids without enough fine motor skills to wield it quite right! The eggs looked cool though and the kids had fun, so it wasn't all bad. As you can see, Nate is serious about his eggs.
 photo Easter1_zpscb8d3724.png
This year Nate can read, so I decided to set up a scavenger hunt for them to find their baskets. I came up with a poem (so difficult for this un-rhymey kinda girl) to start the hunt and then hid 6 clues inside of plastic eggs. Nate read the note and each clue and figured them all out on his own. He would get so excited when he solved each one. The look on his face was priceless and then he would sprint to the next location with his sister following along behind him.

 photo note_zps9669ebf3.jpg
 photo clues_zpsd603c3d3.jpg

When they found their baskets they ripped into them. Both kids got new bubble bath and scrubbies. Nate got a Skylander, a Lego Power Ranger, a mini basketball hoop that sticks to the window and a squirt gun. Arielle got a plush My Little Pony, little stickers for her nails, and a squirt gun. They barely even noticed that there were only 3 small eggs with jelly beans inside and a Pez dispenser.
 photo easter2_zps6efa9eab.png
We went to the park for a little fresh air and exercise then got ready for Easter dinner with the family. I should mention that there are ~30 of us at every big event. While I love the big gatherings it is a little hectic, so I have learned to let go of some control. More about how this backfired later. I made a flower to match Arielle's outfit and managed to get a few pictures of her when we first arrived. I knew I had to get them quickly before she managed to lose the clip and soil her dress. I can't believe how big she is getting. We even got a family picture this time, so there is proof I actually exist!  Coming out of this New England winter we are all so pale...except for Nate.
 photo easter3_zps80343fcd.png
 photo easter4_zps31322af2.png
The kids had an Easter egg hunt in the yard and ran around like crazies. I am sort of a Nazi when it comes to candy. The in-laws...not so much. There was so much chocolate ingested by each of my kids, and very little actual food. Every time I turned around Arielle had another piece of something sweet in her mouth. I try to tell myself that this is one day a year and just let it go, but that logic doesn't fly when the 3 year old is puking at 3 in the morning! All in all, it was a fun-filled family day and we are one day closer to warmer weather! Happy Easter!
 photo easter5_zpsa5802a4f.png


  1. Looks like a fabulous easter!!!!!!!!! And Nate's face with that Skylander is just awesome. Those are the moments ;-)

  2. The scavenger hunt is a great idea.

  3. You did a great job on your poem! Very clever idea! Santa often leaves a hunt for big presents in our house. Happy Easter!

  4. Love the scavenger hunt idea!! I'll keep that in mind for next year. The tulips all over the table...gorgeous!

  5. I love this idea! You are so creative. My mother-in-law started this type of tradition for all the grandkids at Christmas! She provides riddles, clues and letters and hides extra gifts and games in random places for them to find. No matter how big they get, they still look forward to it!

  6. Gorgeous pictures and love your scavenger hunt idea! Also? Props to you for coordinating beautiful family outfits. I had a full winter outfit on while my family looked nice and Eastery. My girls will also puke if they eat too much candy, which is why I try SO HARD to keep it to a minimum at holidays.

  7. Oh my goodness. You are just too creative. That is amazing!! I love the scavenger hunt idea! Just brilliant!!!! Happy Easter again!

  8. LOVE these beautiful pics!!!! Looks like a great Easter!

  9. You're like the most awesomest, dedicated Mom and you're making me look bad ;) ha... I LOVE it, though - you give me something to reach for with your scavenger hunts, etc.!

    LOVE the kiddos' Easter outfits - gorgeous.

  10. Yep, my kids had too much candy on Easter as well, and the 8-year-old was puking on Monday. :(

    Looks like you guys had a lovely Easter though, and I love the family pic!

  11. Wow. You ROCK at Easter, with your notes and clues and tie dye eggs. Eat the eggs after? Who does THAT!? I thought they were supposed to sit in the fridge for an unnaturally long time, then be tossed (with shame for not eating them!)

  12. Oh my goodness - how grown up does Nate look? Gosh gosh gosh!

    You are one of those amazing moms with the scavenger hunt! SO COOL!

  13. I love the family picture! I'm glad you had a great Easter!

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